Finding your Thanksgiving Joy

We come upon the Thanksgiving holiday one more time, commemorating the coming together of family, and friends, in fellowship, joy and unity. Some unfortunately will be divided among religious, political and lifestyle lines, making the gatherings akward and hard, while some will enjoy the celebration of life, love, and thankfulness for each otehr.

For me, my joy and thankfulness was hard to come by, having had the most tulmultuous year of my life. On the approach to forty years old, I’ve christened 2017 as my midlife crisis. And yet, opening my eyes and looking all around, there is a tremendous, overwhelming realization of all that there is to be thankful for!

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What Happened to abiding in Christ? – The Legalists Reformation

There are many plain messages in Scripture that reflect the attitude we are to have towards God, but one that is a foreign to an ex or current legalist, above all, is Abiding in Christ. The Apostle John told us “But the annointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you:

John goes on to say, “and even as it [the annointing] hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.” You shall abide in Him, Christ! Not man, not works, not ritual and tradition, but Him!

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You have a problem with Authority!

This is a very common line spoken in legalistic circles. People who ask questions, or who see the Scriptural evidence against the structure being taught are marked as rebellious. Dividers of the brethren. You are the wolf in sheep’s clothing. And perhaps, in these cases, you should be.

A very wise young man asked recently, ‘Why wouldn’t they want your questions? It would give them a chance to prove their stance and have dialogue. If they don’t like questions, then they probably have no answer.”

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Got a Question? Just ASK?

In the hopes of extending the works of, we have created an Ask? page on the blog to allow anyone to ask questions anonymously. There are many excellent websites out there, such as, so we will just be another avenue for you to ask things you might not normally have the ability to.

As found in our article Exposing the Gospel of Fear, denying your right to ask questions, or marking you as rebellious for asking questions is a real threat to faith, and it happens. Questions challenge the position of people who claim authority.

That is why is an open, public, non-denominational, no donations accepted organization. Our purpose is to spread Christ’s Gospel the way He meant it to be spread, with love, and grace.

We look forward to your questions! As with everything we do, our only request is that you remain respectful in your questions and of others opinions. If you want to keep your questions entirely private, you can use our Contact page as an alternative to the Ask page.

God Bless,


Addressing Pentecostals – Are you all the same?

So recently, I’ve had several #dyedinthewool Pentecostals attack me, mostly on Social Media for the things I write about, expressing my 15-year experience in an abusive Pentecostal church. And as I told one lady the other day who tried to claim I was nothing but a root of bitterness that was defiling the body of Christ, I can’t criticize her for her stock, religious response. No doubt it’s what she’s been trained to say her whole life. I was too.

My old pastor said ‘I don’t have time for people who question what I say.’ In recent services focused to discredit my writings, the pastor literally said, ‘If anyone tells you something other than what I say, just rebuke them in Jesus name and don’t listen to them.’

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Goodbye. I’m off to Paradise.

No really, in about 20 hours my journey from Oregon -> San Francisco, from San Francisco -> Hawaii begins, embarking on a much needed 12 days get away with family, and no work. Ok who am I kidding, I’m sure work will follow. But I am off to paradise!

My thoughts, however, linger on my dear mother, who passed from this life January 20th, 2017. I believe she is in the real paradise, and some of her last words to me were, ‘Ralph, you said I could go home.’ And she did!

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Are we putting Christ in the Back Room?

We all believe (well, most of us) that Jesus Christ is God, and that God came to the earth again to provide redemption for a people that were horribly lost. I Timothy 3:16 declares that the God who created all was manifest in the flesh. John 1 shows us that this God was made flesh and dwelt among us. Just think about that! The Almighty, Jehovah, Yahweh, Creator, and Savior, came down to where we were…

And then what do we do? We make a nice quiet room in the back for Him to stay in and move on with life, our way.

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Video Version: Recognizing Cult Talk/Patterns

This is the video production of Recognizing Cult Talk/Patterns Part 1. Recognizing the patterns of behavior, speech, and message of these organizations will save us from being taken in and help extract our loved ones from them.

You can read the original articles, part 1 and part 2 as well as watch this video!

Dreams From God

Coming from a Pentecostal background, and using Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17 (and Isaiah 28:11) endlessly as proof that Speaking in Tongues was required for salvation, I always wondered why we summarily ignored the rest of the verse. Men and women prophesying, old mean dreaming dreams, and young men seeing visions.

I wrote an article on Cherry Picking the Scripture which applies to that thought, but today we want to talk about dreams, and are they from God? Does God give us dreams for warnings, for hope, or is it the pizza, the sausage, and the beer? Wait, Beer?

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What is a Ministers Example?

As a follow-up to yesterdays post, Should Shepherds have Sheep Servants, I thought I would share a Scripture that makes the position of a minister crystal clear, and yet so obviously not followed. And this might be my shortest post, ever!

What is most astonishing is that the word minister itself describes the reality of what it means, so why is it so misused? We exposed ministers creating Cadet servants, but the very word minister or ministering is the polar opposite of having someone take care of things for you.

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