#Jesus2020 – A Spiritual Campaign

For my American audience, the #2020 hashtag is no doubt overdone, unwelcome and exhaustive. And with 2020 hours away, the campaign, propaganda, and commercials are just about to start. Whether you are liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican, it simply doesn’t matter. What does matter? The Soul.

I personally don’t care what side of the Americal Political aisle one lands on. Or on the world-wide scale, where a person lands, liberal, progressive, conservative, socialistic, etc. What matters to me now is the well being of the soul, and the well being of the bodies, marriages, children, families, communities, churches, and organizations attached to those souls!

2020 for me marks a few changes for my family – one is training for taking on the role of Associate Pastor at the beautiful, loving and local Church I’ve been attending. Another is a job change. The third is a new home for my family.

All of these things represent major life changes that can have impacts on my wife, children, extended families, and my ministry family. But I am also aware of the political landscape in America, this land I call home. And trust me, I make no plans in this short article to take political stances for one or the other. The pretense only is to place Jesus as the primary candidate on the ballot of my allegiance in which I plan to fill in the circle with a bold black pen!

#trump2020 #warren2020 #biden2020 #sanders2020

The hashtags galore, bumper sticker madness, coffee house chatter, FB/Social media frenzy, family dinner topics to avoid, all the things that spell out the propaganda of the #2020 campaigns, which, in America, will happen again in #2024, and has happened every four years since 1778/89ad.

These things, like so many others in life, represent division, toil, anger, hope, change, frustration, violence, separation, walls, fear, anxiety, excitement, rallies, promises, distrust, and trust… whatever synonym or descriptive you can think of, political campaigns fulfill them all. The one thing missing in them all is #fulfillment.

And we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed, to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts, ~ 1 Peter 1:19, ESV

There seems to be a lot of promises made, a lot of hope promised, a lot of money spent confirming in the minds of the people that this or that candidate will most assuredly fulfill the promises that secure your vote. But, having spent 41 years on this planet, I can say in memory, none of those makers of promises (candidates) every fully keeps their word after the success of their campaign culminates into the Swearing in of Office, or the American Presidential Coronation.

God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; ~ Romans 3:4

No one fulfills promises like God. No one keeps his word like God. Men make promises. God makes history. Our favorite candidate who says everything just as we want to hear it takes office and then fails to produce those promises. Sure, one or two slip in, but promise after promise slides by just as the years do. But God’s Word is true. His promises are true. His judgments are true, and His blessings are true!

The most important ballot measure isn’t the one that comes from your County Clerk office, although I believe in making a difference. The most important one comes from the heart and is fulfilled in these few words;

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” ~ John 13:35

Happy New Year! 


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