The New Birth – Are Pentecostals/Legalists getting it wrong? Part #1

Recently I was asked by a person who is in the United Pentecostal Church system what my thoughts are on the New Birth, the Trinity (mainstream Pentecostalism denies the Trinity) and Speaking in Tongues, and how to reconcile the fact that Pentecostals believe anyone who doesn’t speak in tongues, or believes in the Trinity, or is baptized unto the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are lost.

What is stunning, and normal all at the same time, is that this person came in secrecy, knowing, like Nicodemus did, what the repercussions would be if their peers in Pentecost knew the questions this person was asking. Fear of man is the kingdom of Satan and any church system that uses fear this way is the daughter work of Satan.

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The Village Idiot (Long Read, but a good read!)

I was inspired to write this article after a friend insisted I watch the movie The Village, and I finally did, many months after the suggestion. The Village is a seemingly utopian mid-1800’s community where ‘fear of the outside’ is what keeps everyone in. Until the Village Idiot gets curious and the truth is eventually revealed. #Icanrelate

He is that person who starts thinking (literally), outside the box. Starts using that infamous word, why with a question mark at the end. Begins peaking around the corners and is curious about those things we do not speak of. Wonders why we cannot go outside of the village, only to discover, the great ‘monsters’ of the outside are a creation of the leaders, inside. Cult.

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