The Idolatry of Celebrity (Pentecostal) Preachers

Giants Among Us. Larger Than Life. Above Reproach. Super Human. Deserving of the best seating at banquets and church events, the finest food, the best rooms and accommodations. We crave their autograph, two minutes of their time, to sit near them as if, like the Apostle Peter, their shadow might grant us healing, or powers!

The idolatry of celebrity and prosperity preachers is no surprise, but it is rampant among the United Pentecostal Church, International and Pentecostal churches as a whole. But did God want us to idolize preachers, pastors, apostles? Is that the example Jesus came to setup, or Peter, Paul or the other apostles created?

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Can Christians Drink Alcohol? The Strong Drink Lie

Is the argument Should? Or shouldn’t? Can? Or can’t? Well, those are two very different arguments, but I want to look at the latter. Can, or can’t? I was always taught that the Bible taught the absolute condemnation (sin) of drinking alcohol, and most importantly, that the word ‘wine’ was just non-fermented grape juice, and the words ‘strong drink’ signified fermented alcohol Scripturally. Is that what it really teaches? Turns out, no.

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What Happened to abiding in Christ? – The Legalists Reformation

There are many plain messages in Scripture that reflect the attitude we are to have towards God, but one that is a foreign to an ex or current legalist, above all, is Abiding in Christ. The Apostle John told us “But the annointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you:

John goes on to say, “and even as it [the annointing] hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.” You shall abide in Him, Christ! Not man, not works, not ritual and tradition, but Him!

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Out of Context: I Corinthians 11:14 Women can’t cut their hair? What?

In our series of Out of Context topics, we will talk about the misappropriation of Scriptures used to either garner control or gain material wealth from congregations. Scripture teaches clearly that the Word was not to be used in this fashion, and yet with humanity involved, it seems almost inevitable, past, present, and future.

Today’s topic is 1 Corinthians 11 and the fundamentalist practice of controlling hairstyles, specifically disallowing women to cut their hair, even a millimeter, or men having anything but short cropped hair.

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Biblical Headship – Who’s in Control?

There is a lot of debate, and concern when it comes to biblical authority, headship, and leadership. The three terms are of course not synonymous, but coming from a very legalistic background like I am, these terms were morphed into one synonym; Pastor.

Modern Christianity that bends towards authoritarian leadership style focuses heavily on finding Scripture that teaches, ‘I am in charge’, often teaching ‘submission to man’ as if it was the greatest commandment, that ‘oversight’ means spiritual fatherhood and headship. Does it?

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The New Birth – Are Pentecostals/Legalists getting it wrong? Part #1

Recently I was asked by a person who is in the United Pentecostal Church system what my thoughts are on the New Birth, the Trinity (mainstream Pentecostalism denies the Trinity) and Speaking in Tongues, and how to reconcile the fact that Pentecostals believe anyone who doesn’t speak in tongues, or believes in the Trinity, or is baptized unto the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are lost.

What is stunning, and normal all at the same time, is that this person came in secrecy, knowing, like Nicodemus did, what the repercussions would be if their peers in Pentecost knew the questions this person was asking. Fear of man is the kingdom of Satan and any church system that uses fear this way is the daughter work of Satan.

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Surviving the ‘You cannot be saved if…’ Gospel

I am ever amazed at the litany of ideas men will conjure up in God’s stead, ideas of what God requires and what God hates, things not found in His Word, His Handbook, nor inspired by His Spirit, yet, and ironically, the legalists cling to their rules & regulations is if it was a childs safety blanket, living in fear of what monster stares at them, waiting for them to peak out of the blanket. Why is that?

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Exposing the Gospel of Fear: Fearmongering

Dictators, Cult leaders, and Abusers all use fear to control their victims. Fear of retribution, fear of being alone, or losing self without their presence, fear of the ‘outside’, fear that they are right and all else is wrong. Fear that without them, you are nothing. Fear is the most powerful driving force known to man, right next to love. It is no surprise then, that it’s the best tool of the enemy of your soul.

Knowing it has this power, men, and women who use it are then evil and workers of iniquity either by purpose, or ignorance.

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Sacrificing the Word for the Experience

Something I heard said repeatedly by the leaders of the former church should have been the noose that hung them out to dry, yet the blind, who are thus led by the blind, eat up the words of a charismatic leader like chocolate covered coffee beans. They always said, “You must judge an experience (such as a dream, prophesy, etc) by the Word, you can’t judge the Word by an experience.”

In the words of Frodo, “And it would seem like wisdom but for the warning of my heart.” The same people uttering those words taught doctrines, requirements, commandments of men and self-proclaimed levels of authority over man never to be found in Scripture. Hypocrites? They claimed to be the only judge of the experience, at the sacrifice of the Word.

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