What is Speaking in Tongues?

I have to say from the outset, that I am both an expert by experience/practice, and absolute ignoramus on this topic, which is why I have decided to write about a hot, contentious, real and active conversation in the Christian world today. Speaking in Tongues. What is it? Is it real? Is it for us today? How do you do it? Do you know you are doing it? Can you learn it? Is it a divine inspiration?

It seems to me like it is definitely a love it or hate it type thing in the Christian world. If you promote/practice it, you might be some kind of special whacky. If you deny it, you must not be reading the Bible…

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Recognizing Cult Talk/Patterns

Times of uncertainty create perfect hatching grounds for leaders and groups of all types to spring up, offering peace, comfort, salvation, the clear and true path to enlightenment, or the only way forward. It should be clear that cults do not orient solely around religion, religion just seems to be where it is easier to pick off adherents.

One thing is certain, people have and will continue to fall prey to these ravenous wolves, and it is our purpose and duty to help provide clear and adequate warning signs. Also to provide adequate support for those who do fall in the trap. The most common side effect, just like a drug addict is to berate oneself, to feel stupid, or ashamed – how could I be so gullible?

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Religious Semantics, Splitting Hairs

Have you ever wondered, “If Religion, specifically the Christian Faith, is about unity (and it IS supposed to be!), how can there be 33,000* stated denominations in Christendom?” One man created a religion [Jesus] that rocked the western world forever, one whose message of unity that spread like a wildfire, has been divided so many times that the message is almost lost in translation…literally!

Furthermore, there is real heat between denominations – like fans of a sports teams who have real, emotional issues with fans of another team. Christians are supposed to be on one team, yet we’ll cannibalize internally, while simultaneously destroying the message of faith. Why? Semantics.

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I would not have you Ignorant …

This phrase can be found (4) times in the KJV Bible translation, and it always points towards a particular topic of discussion, such as not being ignorant of how Satan operates, or how Spiritual Gifts operate. God doesn’t want us un-educated about certain and important topics.

As I pondered a recent conversation with a fellow Christian from my previous Church, I couldn’t help but come back to this phrase. Not in criticism of this brother in Christ, nor of his church, yet they [that church] definitely holds the mentality (taught from the top down) that any opinion contrary to their standard set of beliefs is to be ignored. Just don’t listen they say. Plug your ears and go la la la la la. Thanks but no thanks.

Is that Purposeful Ignorance?

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Are we cherry picking the Scripture?

Are we [Christians] guilty of Cherry Picking Scripture? I think it’s probably true for all of us, each denomination, category or flavor. We know who we are, what line or verse resonates with our ideas, so we sort of…make it…Our Scripture! I even wonder sometimes if we know we are doing it!

Let’s talk about (I hope you comment and participate!) it as we go over a common example to see if we are cherry picking Scripture!

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So you’re a follower, but of whom?

According to a LiveScience article published in November 2011, your propensity to be a leader or a follower is highly genetic. Let’s just say you got the follower gene, how do you make sure you are following the right person or thing?

We’ve all certainly heard the term sheeple, a negative impression describing a people who are either bewitched into following the control of another or who have purposefully given control of themselves to another and are now playing follow the leader, no matter the cost or consequence, requirement or demand.

How can you tell if that’s you, guard yourself against imbalanced control, or allow yourself to be led in a meaningful way?

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Fight for Faith

Fight for Faith – because it is worth it! The simplicity of the Gospel is that Christ, while you and I were yet sinners, died for us. He came in the weakness of flesh to end the battle of the Law for Righteousness (legalism). He took the penalties for our failures and opened the windows of Grace to a people not worthy of His Mercy.

Don’t believe it? Look to the woman of John chapter 8. The ancient Jewish (law) tradition was that a woman caught in adultery was to be stoned – to death. A harsh penalty and the Jews looked to trap the Messiah going against the law, yet in one moment in time, He [Jesus] ended the fight between Law and Grace.

“So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” – John 8:7

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Are you wearing the yoke of Christ, or of Man?

Are you wearing the yoke of Christ or Man? Are your behaviors, actions, performances and thoughts led by the Spirit, or is your yoke man made? Not to compare you with a bull, or an oxen, but Jesus made the reference when He said “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” in Matthew 11:30.

In my journey from legalism I had this revelation/thought and a question formed in my heart. I voiced it to a Christian friend to try the spirit of it, and I got an amen. This question that came to me as I considered the balance between the authority of a man of God and when it crosses the line into dictatorship was this;

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Why Performance Based Religion Fails People

Why Performance Based Religion Fails People

My Monday morning drive found me playing Today’s Christian Hits on my Google Play Music account, streamed through my cars Bluetooth. There are just a few songs on there I truly like, the rest are catchy tunes and filler sounds. But this morning one of those ‘catchy tunes’ type of songs I’m sure to have heard dozens of times caught my attention, called The God I Know by Love & The Outcome.

The first verse lyrics are what matters to the inspiration of this article, and coincides with a message someone tagged me in on Facebook, which I’ll share later.

If it was all about religion
What to do, what to say
What to wear on a Sunday
All about perfection
Black and white, wrong or right, never grey
Well, I’d never make it
I’d never be good enough (oh-oh-oh)

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Stop Asking for Forgiveness

Stop Asking for Forgiveness

That’s right! Knock it off. Don’t you know, you’ve already been forgiven?

I started writing an article about Balance in Faith when this thought came to me and I wanted to share it with you. I believe it will help you in accepting Faith, in raising your children, in your marriage and beyond. Forgiveness wasn’t dependent on anything you could do – not once, not twice nor as many times as you could do it. Forgiveness was offered once, for all, and it is available always and without condition. Dozens of flowers never gained forgiveness and neither does begging for it.

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