What Is It Series: Introduction

What Is It

What Is It Series: Introduction

Exploring the common, ‘not so common’ phrases and doctrines of the Christian Faith.

The What Is It Series is designed to explore common phrases, words, and doctrines of the Christian Faith that really need to be more commonly understood. I know that when I left the tribe of Pentecostalism, I had almost no understanding of the broader Christian faith.

Words like reformation had a meaning, but I did not know what it was or its history. In truth, I didn’t even understand what Pentecostalism was outside of my small community. All I knew was that my tribe was right, and everyone and everything else was wrong.

Since then, so many people (myself included) have learned to understand the broader Christian faith by realizing we didn’t understand much at all. Words like Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Charismatic, Pentecostal, and more, were just words preachers and evangelists tossed around.

What Is It

Additionally, the word gospel, so central to the faith, was something I was unable to define or explain. The gospel was simply my denominational identity instead of simply what Jesus accomplished on the cross. We had our truth, and that was the gospel.

Therefore, the What Is It Series aims to give an explanation of basic Christian and Biblical terms and doctrines such as Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Charismatic, Pentecostal, The Trinity, The Godhead, and much more.

What Is It Topics

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Current Topical Studies:

  • Signs and Wonders – An objective view of Signs and Wonders in Scripture
  • Cessationism – An objective definition and illustration of the doctrine of Cessationism
  • Continuationism – An objective definition and illustration of the doctrine of Continuationism
  • Protestantism & Catholicism – What are the differences between Protestant and Catholic Faiths?
  • The Reformation – What is the Reformation and how did it change the course of the Christian Faith?
  • Hermeneutics – An objective review of the science of interpreting ancient texts in the contexts and languages they were written in.
  • Denominationalism – What is a denomination and why are there so many of them today?
  • Dispensationalism – An objective review of Dispensationalism and what it means for the study of Scripture.
  • Prophets and Prophecy – Who were the prophets and what was prophecy? And are there prophets today?
  • Pentecostalism and Charismaticism – Pentecostalism is called the fastest-growing Christian denomination, but what is it and is it distinct from Charismaticism?

Please check back for updates to this list. Each topic will become a link to its individual page/post when it goes live.

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