Here you will find a list of resources to aid in your studies and recovery from fundamental, high control and cultic religious sects. The purpose of this page is for you to realize that you are not alone, and that there are thousands of others who have experienced the same things you have, and many of them have created pages, social media sites, and even books, podcasts and YouTube channels dedicated to sharing their stories.

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Spiritual Abuse/Cult Recovery Websites & Social Media Pages

Purposeful driven to support those existing from fundamental and cultic groups with a special focus on Oneness Pentecostalism and the United Pentecostal Church, Inc., movement. Visit their website and social media pages.

A global network of people concerned about the psychological manipulation and abuse in cultic and other high-control environments

A podcast dedicated to exposing cultic organizations and beliefs and interviewing survivors of these groups.

Holiness & Pentecostal Focused Websites / Blogs / Channels

dedicated to revealing what true Holiness is and provided safe spaces, classes and study groups for those who have been manipulated in high-control and cultic holiness movements.

A YouTube channel geared to provide inspiration, encouragement and empowerment with contextual observations of the Scripture for those who are developing their relationship with Christ.

Encouraging critical thinking in Biblical Studies with a focus on interviewing survivors of cultic Christian sects.

Rediscovering Freedom in Christ by revealing the fallacy of the Oneness Pentecostal doctrines and the chains they bind people in.

Unscripted conversations about recovery and healing from spiritual abuse and toxic faith, from the author of Free: From Legalism to Grace.

Early Church & Historical Records

An easy to use internet archive of the most complete collection of Christian texts prior to the Council of Nicea in 325 AD/CE. This is an important distinction as many 20th century religious sects claim that all things post 325AD are suspect and not credible for Biblical studies.

The earliest known catechism, or doctrinal teaching of the early church, dated to the 1st Century AD. The Didache is the “Teaching of the Twelve Apostles” and forms a picture of what the early church did in regards to Baptism, Fasting, Church Assembly, and more.

The Full Babylonian Talmud, including arguments and reference texts.

History of Oneness(Holiness) Pentecostalism

Coming Soon

Baptism References

(Triune Format of Matthew 28:19 – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)It is interesting to note, that in the early Church many historical writings show that the recipient was dipped into the water three times, each to signify the Triune nature of God.