I’m sure this is going to get likes and dislikes, but every Christmas season (and Easter, and Halloween, and…) you see a flood of internet conversation about whether or not Christians should be celebrating Christmas. Is it Pagan? Is it wicked? Does the Bible teach against decorating a tree?

I certainly do NOT want to discredit any one’s opinions. Obviously, I’m writing about my opinion as well. But I really want to ask the question, “Who really cares?”


Who actually bows down to a Tree?

UNLEARN is a popular YouTube channel that I actually like and follow often. I am forced to say, however, that this conversation is ridiculous and full of hyperbolic non-information. Admittedly, I’m young. I’m but a wee 40 years old. But in that 40 years, I’ve never once bowed to a tree (unless you count bending over to cut it or pick up presents around its base).

I’ve never taught my children to bow down to the tree in worship. They were never caused to believe that the Tree is the omnipotent source of Christmas presents. We’ve never sung a song of worship to that tree nor have we left sacrifices of praise to it.

And finally, the phrase “How does this give glory to God?” absolutely infuriates me with the hypocrisy and double-tongues manner in which it is used.  How does watching TV give glory to God? How does going fishing give glory to God? Or swimming? How about bathing? Singing? Hiking? Football? Softball? BBQ’s? Novels? Ad nauseum.

Where does the list stop? This is what drives me insane about the Christmas Conversation.

Is the idea of Christmas ‘pagan’? Well, consider the fact that ‘pagan’ actually means ‘a person who holds a religious belief outside of the main world religions‘. Having a Christmas tree, enjoying the ideas of snow, reindeer, Rudolph, A Christmas Story, Egg-Nog, family meals, and fellowship has nothing to do with religion, so it is not Pagan.

Incoming sarcasm

Hey – great question… Is going to church ‘pagan’? How do lights, smoke, shouting, concerts, loud music, money collections and shaking hands honor God? Is it possible, that it honors God because you TALK about God?

End the sarcasm

The Christian adaptation of Christmas, as a means to relate to the Birth of Christ and the Christian Gospel, is another story. It is quite obvious Christ wasn’t born on December 25th. So what? So let’s say you set a day to remember his birth and talk about it and mix a little common culture, fun, presents, and Jubilee into the mix – what have you really defiled?


Few things have brought as much joy to Children as Christmas. How pagan is simply joy?

Listen – my point is this. If you don’t want to celebrate Christmas (frankly, I view Christmas as money hungry greedy grab for the cash of over-sensationalized people, but that sounds a little like people demanding tithes…) then don’t celebrate Christmas. But WHY rain on the parade of millions of families, who like mine, see it as an opportunity to dress in comfy PJs, drink Egg-Nog, enjoy Holiday Cheer, give our kids gifts, spend time with family, etc?

If anything, looking at it simply from the perspective of familial love and time spent as a family unit, in the unity of either Christmas (Holiday) cheer or in the recounting and remembrance of the coming of Christ (Christian) – we are giving God honor in either way.

Merry Christmas To You!



Posted by dividinghisword

I am the father of two, husband of one, and lover of Christ! I simply seek to spread the Word of God unadulterated, not filtered by denominational interpretation. I have a degree in Theology from Texas Bible College but more so I have His Word!


  1. Well said. Merry christmas to you too. Personally I love it.



  2. Right there with ya, bro. Got a tree in the living room and even sang a song to it with my eggnog in hand: “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, I drink my eggnog in front of thee,” Why? Because my wife will not allow us – ever – to drink eggnog until the Christmas tree is up and decorated. So, I told my daughters that is going to forever now be my customary toast to the Christmas tree as I drink my first cup of eggnog.

    I am an ordained Baptist pastor with a theology degree and working on my doctorate in ministry. I am not a pagan. My daughters always slept around the Christmas tree when they were younger, but they never prayed to it. They are not pagans, either.

    It’s Jesus’ birthday party, so have fun. Merry Christmas 🙂

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    1. I’ve never met a Pagan who brings a dead tree into the house to worship it. I have no idea where people get these ideas. If anything, the tree is an offering to one or more gods; there is only one religion if which I’m aware in which ritually celebrating the death of a god is a thing, and you folks don’t worship trees at all.

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  3. I so enjoy your post have been in the oneness movement got fifty years But they are so full of ignorance and deceit I am so glad to be a student of truth keep up the good work all I want to be is an educated Christian no smoke and mirrors Merry Christmas

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