Announcing the Spiritual Recovery Podcast

I’ve been notably absent lately, which is a good thing, and a thing I want to change – again. With all the changes that have been taking place, I’ve been focused on growing the YouTube channel, and finally, have made the next step in this ministry come to fruition. I have started the Spiritual Recovery podcast!

Over the last 18 months I have been touched by so many people, on this blog, multiple recovery Facebook groups I have been a part of, and then the Divide The Word YouTube channel – which just reached over 515 subscribers! The effort is growing to reach, support and help those involved in, or leaving abusive religion (cults) is growing, and I have to thank YOU for that support.

With the growth of the YouTube Channel and now the launching of the Podcast, this blog will turn to a focus on Recovery, gaining a healthy and balanced view of God, studying Doctrine, and helping people recover their individuality, faith, joy, and desire.


With the small but coming together audio studio – we’ll be inviting guest speakers to share their stories, both of suffering under the hands of spiritually abusive authority figures, but more importantly, their recovery – the things that helped them find their way to peace, both in their faith and in their mind.

We hope you will come along on this journey! We have also created a public SoundCloud account for hosting the audio files and Podcast stream, and a Patreon account where you can help support this channel. I am not going to continue asking people for donations, but the option is there, and the money will be used to support the channel expenses, but most importantly to pay for recovery services, books, counseling and other ways we can support people in need.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ was about supporting the needy – visiting the fatherless, and the widows in their times of need. It was about spreading the word through love (charity) by exemplifying the commandment of Christ, which was to Love One Another – as He loved us.

He gave is all for us, never taking for himself. And that is the plan for Spiritual Recovery – any and all donations will be put right back into the show, the costs of hosting and Skype and supporting those in need.


I have received emails, phone calls, comments on this blog, my YouTube channel, Facebook groups – hundreds of stories of family turning on each other for their religion – children who turn on parents for their denomination or preacher – preachers of fear who scare children into submission, demanding obedience and ‘unwavering loyalty’ for permissions to be in the Youth Group, or permission to date/marry.

Spiritual abuse and rampant false doctrines, perversions of Scripture used for the benefit of its abusers are far more reaching and destructive than I first realized. It is something I feel called to combat and with your help, I will.

Finding the Podcast

Our Spiritual Recovery podcast is now on iTunes and Google Play Music. You can search on those platforms for Spiritual Recovery by Ralph Brickley.

You can also visit our SoundCloud account, or download the free SoundCloud app on your mobile devices and search for Spiritual Recovery by Ralph Brickley.

You can watch our introductory video which includes the introduction soundtrack to the podcast! After checking out the show, please consider supporting us with a small charitable donation on Patreon. There is no requirement, but those who are able your generosity will go a long way in helping those of us who have been hurt by Spiritual Abuse to recover!

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