Recently I was reminded of several events of home invasion that took place during my time in the cult – the independent Oneness Pentecostal church I belonged to for 15 years, that illustrates the overbearing control some pastors and leaders take over the flock, the congregation, the members, and how that control ultimately leads to invading your personal life, your home, and sometimes, your person.

I would be remiss, due to recent comments, not to mention that not all Oneness Pentecostal pastors and churches do all of the things I mention in my blog. However, I believe the Oneness Pentecostal movement as a whole is a cult, and it’s doctrines lead to abuse and deception, and while I will disclaimer that not everything I write about is attributed to every church, it is pervasive in the system, and this is evidenced by the hundreds of interviews and contacts I have had from United Pentecostal, independent  Oneness, and other Oneness Pentecostal people, not just my personal experiences.

First, let me start by asking the question, “Does the church belong in your home?”

It is no doubt to me, that your home life should be reflective of your Christian faith and convictions. We shouldn’t have a double standard for our ‘public’ life, and our ‘private’ life, but there definitely is a distinction between the two. And, as Christians, if we believe that God dwells in us, by the gift of the Holy Spirit that dwells in our heart, our being, then surely, God is in our home.

Mind_ControlBut does the Church belong there, and when I say Church, I mean the rules, dogmas, and wishes/commands of the pastor. For instance, in the Oneness Pentecostal church, women are forbidden from wearing pants, as they consider it unholy. They teach, that anything that splits the leg is men’s apparel. Of course, then they go on to demand women to wear pantyhose..which splits the leg – but I digress.

It so happens, that this teaching prevails upon the homes too – for it has been taught, Don’t you think you can go home and wear pajama pants, and pants at home just because no one can see you. Again – this never made sense to me, because if the point of Holiness in dress standard is not to cause other people to lust after you and slip up (morally) – and no one is there to see you…what does it matter what you wear? But again, I digress.

Monitoring Your Behavior

Around 2010-2011, in the church I attended at the time, the pastor was coming against the ‘dangers of the internet’, and no one can doubt there are bad things on the internet if one goes looking for them. The approach was, and he asked me many times how to do it, knowing I was a computer nerd, to require church members who were in any way involved in ministry, Sunday School, Bus Ministry, Music, etc., to put a software on their home computers to block things that were considered ‘wrong’.  It was strongly encouraged that the whole church participates with this program, and probably the majority did. We simply did what our pastor told us to do.

That list of ‘wrong’ of course, was focused on pornography, violence, alcohol, and streaming of movies, television, etc. What was intrusive was that it wasn’t up to you install this software, or to control your own behavior. The software could only be installed by elders in the church, who came to your home to do it.

These elders installed the software with a password you could not be given, and the software could not be removed from your computer without their permission and password. Furthermore, it sent nightly emails to the pastor of your online activity, alerting them to you trying to access things that they didn’t want you accessing, and even telling them if you tried to uninstall it.

One young man in the church told me, ‘They did it with my tablet but as soon as I got it back I factory reset it.‘ They wanted this software on any phones and other mobile devices that could access the internet as well.

Of course, over time that demand settled, I would guess the majority of people got new computers and devices and never reinstalled it. I would also guess, the sheer volume of ‘monitoring’ time it took the pastor and his son (the son is now the pastor) would be overwhelming. Micromanaging people is a daunting task.

I too had the software on my home computer for a while, but was tired of the restrictions and eventually reinstalled Windows to remove it. As a web designer with many ‘wine’ based clients, the software blocked me from going to websites that were about wine and it was constantly a major challenge to my business.

ministry-of-controlWhat has made it worse was that around 2015, the churches non-accredited private Christian school (which is just a fundraising and indoctrination arm of the church) went digital and changed curriculums, which required families with children in the church to purchase Chromebooks for their students. I’m a huge fan of digital, so this was a brilliant move to me, having children living like they were in the Little House on the Prairie times – they needed to be introduced to modern technology – but then the insidiousness of Home Invasion began anew. It was required that monitoring software is placed on to each Chromebook (which was not Church/School purchased) so that school staff would be alerted to any young person infracting the church rules.

And even more ridiculous was the infractions. My good friend, who has disowned me because I now speak out against this church, was in charge of setting up these Chromebooks and told me ‘Kids were trying to look up Odyssey on there, or the weather, so I would call the School supervisor and tell her, ‘um’, you might want to go check on ….’.

This again is the Church invading the personal and home lives of its members, using control and fear tactics to keep people inline, teaching that absolute obedience to the pastor is required to be ‘righteous’ before God. It is truly mind-boggling that a group of people (myself included for 15 years) would give another flawed and angry human being this level of control over their lives.

Letting the Preacher In

The second event wasn’t really an event, but an understanding, something the preacher would say from time to time to drive in the point of having the ‘right spirit’, or attitude of respect and obedience to the ministry.

You should have the attitude that if I wanted to come to your home, and look through your drawers, and cabinets, and rooms, you would let me.”

This was such a devious teaching because as all of Satans lies, there is always this thin layer of truth covering the stink of rotten meat. In layman’s terms, the principle was that we shouldn’t have anything in our lives, and in our homes, that we would want to hide should the pastor come over. But, they spun in such a way, that by osmosis, you would believe that he had the right to inspect your home whenever he wanted to.

It was this attitude of authority – that the preacher was God incarnate, the vicar of Christ, the authority of Jesus, the harbinger of His will

ControlVsEmpowermentIn Family Class, which if you had children in the Church’s (non-accredited) private school, you had to attend, they taught at times on what kind of underwear your daughters could wear.

In marriage retreats, several times it was covertly (via euphemisms and vague references) taught what types of sexual behaviors were allowable between husbands and wives. My pastor taught against masturbation, oral sex, and other ‘behind closed doors’ behavior as if he had any business being there.

In other cases, several times in the church I attended, and in reports from other UPC church attendees (or previous/ ex-attendees) the Pastor would come to the person’s home after service, if that person wasn’t in church, and demand to know why he wasn’t there, all in the spirit of love and concern for his soul, I’m sure, and make sure they attended the next service.

My last example was my old pastor telling my wife how much weight she could lose. She had been dieting for some time after having our first child and was working to remove some of that extra baby cushion. The pastor met us in the middle aisle of the sanctuary, made some small chat, and then told my wife, who looked and looks great by the way, You’ve lost too much weight, you need to stop.


As the majority of my work is now focused on high-control and cult style systems, I must confess this writing is as a warning to you, who may read this, that if you or a loved one find themselves in a situation where this level of control is being demanded, it is a cult, and a very traumatic and dangerous situation to be in. It will be equally traumatic to exit but exit you must.

As with all cults and high-control systems, your exit will be just as painful as the realization that you are being controlled. Having your best friend disown you because you speak out against it. Having friends cut you off for ‘questioning’ the control. Children may move away from parents, and parents may deny their children unconditional love, conditioned on their obedience to the system.

As with the pyramid image above, these systems are a #1 – ‘We tell you what to do’, and this will often involve your vacations, jobs, purchases, finances, etc. Be wary and avoid these places, run from them, and if necessary, get your family out of them. They may not be willing to come, but over time, if you show unconditional love, they will see the difference between the offer of Freedom that Jesus gave, and life has for them, vs. the demands of bondage these evil men require.

Posted by dividinghisword

I am the father of two, husband of one, and lover of Christ! I simply seek to spread the Word of God unadulterated, not filtered by denominational interpretation. I have a degree in Theology from Texas Bible College but more so I have His Word!


  1. Cheryl Conner July 19, 2018 at 5:42 am

    Very well said Ralph. Thank you for investing your time and heart to help others.



  2. Cheryl Conner July 19, 2018 at 5:42 am

    Very well said Ralph. Thank you for investing your time and heart to help others.



  3. Ralph

    This be some ugly stuff…
    Special Spying computer programs… UUUGGGHHH!!!

    Hmmm? I gots a different take on this question. 🙂

    “First, let me start by asking the question,
    “Does ”the church” belong in your home?”

    Seems to me it depends on which Church…
    WE, His Sheep, His Ekklesia, His Body…
    His Called Out Ones, His Church…
    Be talken bout… 😉

    1 – Yes to, “The Church of God.”
    Where Jesus be runnin the show.


    2 – NO to, the church of man.
    Where man, Mere Fallible Humans, be runnin the show.

    In a building, with a pulpit in it, and a cross on it?
    Today’s 501 (c) 3, Non-Profit, Tax Deductible…
    Religious Corporations…
    The IRS calls church?

    Should one of ”His Disciples” call an IRS Corp…
    The Church of God?


    Seems, in WE, His Sheep, be where God lives…

    Acts 7:48
    Howbeit the most High
    ”dwelleth NOT “
    in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,

    Acts 17:24
    God that made the world and all things therein,
    seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth,
    ”dwelleth NOT”
    in temples made with hands;

    2 Cor 6:16
    And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?
    ”for ye are the temple of the living God;”
    as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them;
    and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

    Col 1:27

    ”Christ in you,” the hope of glory:

    In the Bible, Did anybody ever, “Go To Church?”
    Join a Church? Give money to a Church?

    NOPE… 😉

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    1. As always, I love your responses! Thank you for commenting here, I hope you never stop!



      1. Ralph

        Thanks for the nice compliment.

        Most blogs I post on…
        Are NOT very happy with these comments…
        That challenge “Today’s Abusive Religious System.”

        These comments have been “Ignored,” “Deleted,”
        “left in moderation for eternity,”
        and “Banned.”

        I love how “respectfully” you have taken up this battle.

        Thanks for allowing me to post here.

        What is popular is NOT always “Truth.”
        What is “Truth” is NOT always popular.


      2. Malachi 3:16
        Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another:
        and the LORD hearkened, and heard it,
        and a book of remembrance was written before him
        for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name.


  4. Ralph

    Does anyone know what the word “Church” means?
    In the Bible?

    Makes an interesting study. An interesting challenge.
    Print out evey verse with the word “church” in it…
    Read every verse, over and over, again and…
    And ask yourself… Ask Jesus…

    In the Bible?
    Did any of ”His Disciples?”

    1 – ”Go to” Church?
    2 – ”Join” a Church?
    3 – ”Lead” a Church?
    4 – ”Plant” a Church?
    5 – ”Pastor” a Church?
    6 – ”Attend” a Church?
    7 – ”Tithe” to a Church?
    8 – ”Look for” a Church?
    9 – ”Teach” Go to Church?
    10 – ”Bring their friends” to Church?
    11 – ”Become Members” of a Church?
    12 – ”Apply for Membership” in a Church?
    13 – ”Call themselves, Pastor,” in a Church?
    14 – ”Call themselves, Leader,” in a Church?
    15 – ”Call themselves, Reverend,” in a Church?
    16 – ”Give Silver, or Gold, or Money” to a Church?
    17 – ”Build a building with a Cross” and call it Church?

    18 – *”Were any of **”His Disciples,” ever Hired?”**
    As a Paid, Professional, Pastor, in a Pulpit?
    Preaching, to People in Pews?
    Weak after Weak?

    In a church?

    NONE of ”These Things” exist in the Bible…
    For one of ”His Sheep,” ”His Disciples.”
    Who ARE, The Church of God.

    ”These Things” only exist in the church of man.
    They do NOT exist In the Bible. Oy Vey!!! 😦

    Seems those who do NOT “Go To Church.”
    Are more “Biblical” than those who do. 😉

    If, In the Bible…
    Jesus did NOT teach ”His Disciples” to do these things?
    And, ”His Disciples” did NOT do these things?

    Why do WE?

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    1. I wish I could heart this, like it 10x! Trust me, I’ll be sharing this comment. Thank you!

      I personally no longer desire and follow the model of ‘going to church’, where there is a building, a pulpit and an offering plate. I go to my Father’s House instead. The church is the faithful to God, not faithful to a denomination, a dogma, or a preacher.

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  5. Excellent piece, my friend.

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    1. Thank you, John! Blessings,



  6. Thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

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  7. We left the UPC 6 years ago. We are emulating the church of the NT which is difficult because if we honestly ask ourselves if Pentecost, or other denominations, emulate the church of the NT then we would have to say no.

    We had to press the reset the button on everything we were taught and allowed the Lord himself to “teach us all things” according to John 14:26 and 1 John 2:27.

    We’re fellowshipping in our home with Christians in our neighborhood. Which is exactly how they did in the scripture.

    If you want to know more I’d recommend checking out Beresford Job.

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  8. Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?



  9. Last Sunday was my LAST Sunday at the nut job Apostolic church I have been going to for one year. The pastor had a serious rant/rave on Sunday and I made up my mind I was out of there. The pastor does NOT speak for God and this old boy thinks he does. I was not raised in this cult and I wear a lot of make-up and a ton of gorgeous jewelry and no one has said a word. However, I have never been included and don’t know a persons name after a year of attending. They probably have been praying for me because of my obvious outward [appearance] sin. Those women seriously NEED some male-up and updated clothing; they look like pioneers off the wagon trains.
    I deeply love Jesus, am born again and the Lord has saved my life from cancer twice. Franky, God doesn’t give a hoot about the outward man but cares about our hearts, love for others and living for God. The rest is power, control and EGO in these cult like crazy churches. Beware, they are dangerous.
    God Bless you for exposing the TRUTH!



  10. Whoa, you were one step away from that pastor claiming “prima nocta” rights. Excellent blog, and not just this post. God saved me from the same situation you describe through making me territorial. Through no fault of my own, I was stuck in a nightmarish roommate situation past normal years, and once God gave me the space “all for myself”, I was determined to defend it with everything I’ve got. When I got involved with what I now know is a cult, I was sufficiently alarmed by the unwanted intrusion into my personal space to get out of there as fast as possible. Never again will I be doing what ANYONE says, except my Lord Jesus Christ. Stay strong!

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