What is Holiness?

What is Holiness? This is a question, that if you Google, has been asked and answered a thousand times over. So why am I writing about it? So that I too can understand the real meaning of Holiness, and talk about it with you.

So is Holiness something you can achieve? Is there some habit or clothing I can wear to be holy? Can I perform a ritual to be holy? Is ‘holiness’ something you can see on the outside, or is it just something that takes place on the inside? Or both?


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The Similarities of Medieval Catholicism and Modern Oneness Pentecostalism (Long)

When I first let the Oneness Pentecostal church I had been a part for 15 years, I wrote in my exit letter to the pastor a statement that has been mirrored by others many times over, and something that I have commented on several times since. I wrote, “Only the Catholic Church holds more ‘works for salvation’ than we as Pentecostals seem to have created.”

My intent was to say that the Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal church almost mirrors the practices of old-time medieval Catholicism, while at the same time declaring it [Catholicism] heretical and blasphemous. The irony isn’t lost on me. And it’s wrong.

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Coping with the Cults – Part #3 – Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse is one of those labels that can be overused, much like the word cult. In the times following Jesus’ crucifixion and the birth of the Christian Church, Judaism and the Roman occupiers of Jerusalem labeled the Christian movement a cult. However, it is also something that needs to be defined and exposed, because it happens in our neighborhoods, around the block, and in town.

Spiritual Abuse is defined as when a spiritual leader, such as a pastor uses his/her position of authority to control other individuals in a way that requires absolute obedience and results in the personal gain of power, prestige or financial gain.

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