Addressing Pentecostals – Are you all the same?

So recently, I’ve had several #dyedinthewool Pentecostals attack me, mostly on Social Media for the things I write about, expressing my 15-year experience in an abusive Pentecostal church. And as I told one lady the other day who tried to claim I was nothing but a root of bitterness that was defiling the body of Christ, I can’t criticize her for her stock, religious response. No doubt it’s what she’s been trained to say her whole life. I was too.

My old pastor said ‘I don’t have time for people who question what I say.’ In recent services focused to discredit my writings, the pastor literally said, ‘If anyone tells you something other than what I say, just rebuke them in Jesus name and don’t listen to them.’

Other pastors of UPCI or Pentecostal churches say things like this;


In a conversation I was having on the World Wide Godhead Symposium on Facebook (which by the way is nothing but a cluster of people trying to prove themselves right that just turns into a name calling fest of division) I was talking to a UPCI pastor from Topeka, Kansas about Modalism, Oneness vs. Trinitarian doctrines, etc.

We agreed on many, many topics, and eventually, this pastor, Mike Conn by name, asked me, “So did you stay UPC?”. I answered no, and he then replied, “THAT’S TOO BAD” and then went completely silent. Not another single response.

I even left a message saying, “This feels like a stereotypical Pentecostal response…as soon as you find out someone isn’t UPC, it’s cut them off time, right?” Still, no response.

To prove the point, a family member of mine has been directed by the pastor of my old church to cut me off, and they were prepared to do it for the great leader, and the great doctrine. Don’t listen to him, don’t read his writings, they said. Be nice to him at Christmas, but other than that, I’m to be ignored.

Is this the #truth Pentecostal Way?

I would sincerely love to hear the thoughts of current or otherwise Pentecostal aligned people. Are you all the same? Is this the Pentecostal way, or is this just some offshoots that get the negative press?

There are thousands upon thousands of people who write, YouTube and express the damage experienced in Pentecostal churches. Families turning against each other for the doctrine. And sadly, these people (as I know of from my Pentecostal Church) believe this fulfills Scripture when Jesus said fathers would turn on sons, etc. #sickandtwisted They count it for righteousness…

Some Pentecostals I know say, “You had a bad experience, not all UPC churches and Pastors are like that…”

This is a fair statement, and in my writings, I must be careful not to do what I’m rejecting, that is to lump everyone into broad terms. However…I know the #truth the Pentecostals speak of, and this is at the root of who they are. It’s taught from the top down and has been since 1945 when the church began.

Pentecostalism claims to be a restored religion. The only true Church on the earth. A pure Apostolic Doctrine that was shrouded around 300ad and is now brought back to life. They believe and teach vehemently that they have the #truth. That unless you are Pentecostal in faith, doctrine, and practice, you have zero hope of obtaining salvation. Am I wrong Pentecostals? The term for Baptists, Methodists, etc, is “Sincere, but sincerely lost”.

Well, what is the #truth?

The Truth you hear them speak of are the cornerstones of their faith, their doctrines or dogmas. Without them, you may love Jesus, and you may be sincere, and you may obey the only real commandments Jesus ever gave (John 13:34, John 14:15) (love God and your neighbors) but without the #truth, you are lost.

  • Oneness (there are some Trinitarians as well) Doctrine – to deny the Trinity of historic Christianity and to make it so important as to be a division among the brethren. If you don’t believe this, nothing else matters. Without this you are heathen, and that is how they justify the ‘cut you off’ mentality.
  • Repentance is the first and required step in all Christian Faiths, but to a Pentecostal, repentance is not an event between believer and Christ, or at least it doesn’t stop there. Real repentance will be evidenced by a change in your life. Still sounds good right? However, real repentance will be evidenced only and if you comply with the standards and rules of the Pastor and UPCI, such as no TV’s, no Jewelry, no Movies, no Makeup, no Tans, no Pants on girls, no shorts,…you get the point. Unless you comply, you didn’t really repent.
  • Baptism Formula – In Jesus Name Only. Using the Titles Father, Son and Holy Ghost just gets people wet my old pastor said. You can only be baptized by a self-proclaimed Pentecostal minister or its just getting wet. Brothers can’t baptize brothers. And if you don’t go under the water, and the preacher doesn’t say, ‘In Jesus Name’ the baptism has no effect. This is vital because like the Oneness doctrine, Baptism is essential for salvation. If you believe the Oneness, and do everything else I’m about to list, you are still lost without being Baptised in Jesus Name.
  • Speaking in Tongues is Essential for Salvation because in Acts 2:38, the Hallmark Scripture of Pentecost (just speak it and they will start writhing around in worship) and what is speaking in tongues? Well, go read my article on speaking in tongues to find out. They (Pentecostals) believe that the initial evidence (the word Initial is crucial to their doctrine) of receiving Christ’s spirit is that you will speak in tongues. The problem is, speaking in tongues is going ‘la shandadadadadada shandadadadada’ over and over. Biblical speaking in tongues had a purpose that was expressed, heard and understood by someone other than self.
  • Holiness – this is defined as women never cutting their hair, neither sex wearing jewelry, having facial hair on men, wearing short sleeve shirts, makeup, tanning, television, never going to ball games, your kids don’t play on sports teams, etc. Holiness is no longer what the Bible declares it to be, Holiness is obeying the UPCI Behavior Handbook or your local pastor’s rules and standard. And, this is as important to salvation as everything already listed. You may repent, you may get wet, and you may speak in tongues, but if you do defy any of the Holiness rules, you have lost out with God, and they pull out Hebrews 12:14 to prove it! “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

So now you’ve seen the Truth! And the Truth shall make you free, right? Most Pentecostal pastors I’ve ever heard of, had the pleasure to talk to, or hear from, will all say the same thing. Question me? You can get out.

So is THAT really the Pentecostal way? Recently a family member has been asking his pastor, ‘You say these are all biblical standards, but when you talk about it, you never show Scriptural support. I sincerely want to know the Scriptural support!”

The reply? “I don’t like people with a questioning spirit.”

The Pentecostals I have known have always said, if someone doesn’t have the #truth, you can’t fellowship with them, or trust them, or be around them, certainly don’t let your kids be around them.

So what is it about the Truth that makes you better than everyone else? I sincerely want to know the Scriptural support. Are all Pentecostals the same? I sincerely hope to hear from you.



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